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Vision Statement for Dual Immersion at OUSD

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Vision Statement for Dual Immersion at OUSD

La visión de la doble inmersión de OUSD es proporcionar logros académicos y alfabetización bilingüe en una atmósfera rigurosa e inclusiva para desarrollar futuros líderes multiculturales y bilingües.

The vision of dual immersion at OUSD is to provide academic achievement and biliteracy in a rigorous and inclusive atmosphere to develop future multicultural and bilingual leaders.
Dual Immersion Current Family Information Slides

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Dual Immersion Current Family Information Slides

Please click here to find out about the three pillars of DI, pathways to biliteracy, and information for parent engagement. 
Would you like your child to learn how to speak, read, and write fluently in both English and Spanish?
Dual Immersion, or Two Way Bilingual Immersion, teaches school subjects in both English and a target language, in this case, Spanish. The classroom would consist of native English speakers and native Spanish speakers mixed together in each classroom.  Beginning in Kinder, the Dual Immersion Model will be 90/10 (90% Spanish, 10% English.  The design of the program requires that children be submerged in Spanish during most of the day during the early years.  As the program progresses, the portion of the day taught in English increases to 50/50 by 4th-grade, thus ensuring that students are bilingual when they enter middle school.  
Dual Immersion Photo Gallery

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Dual Immersion
Dual Immersion in the Classroom

Next steps: Registration for DI happens during Kinder Registration each year in February.  If qualified, you will be entered into a lottery for the remaining kinder spots.  This lottery will be drawn during a two-week window at the end of March. 

For more information please contact OUSD or Mill Street School at 530-865-1240.