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Emily Barret, 1st Grade
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Rachel Worley, 2nd Grade

    School Begins August 18th!

    Good Evening,

    This message is being written to relay information that we received today, 10-29-14, about one of our staff volunteers, who is also the uncle of two of our students here at Mill Street School.

    We were informed by a concerned family member that our volunteer may be experiencing mental distress and may try to hurt himself in some way.  

    Because this person was a volunteer who's helped in his nephew's classrooms and on campus, we took steps to ensure that the person could no longer have access to the Mill Street campus and we reported the volunteer to the appropriate authorities to ensure that the volunteer received the support and interventions that he needed. 

    As a precaution in case the volunteer did show up at Mill Street School and try to gain entry to the campus or a classroom unannounced, we instructed our teachers and staff to elevate existing security measures and increase their awareness of all campus visitors.  Keeping the doors locked while teaching today and for the rest of the week is one example of the increased security precautions we've initiated.  We're also going to have additional staff on the Mill Street campus for security purposes until we've ensured the situation has stabilized. 

    Our volunteer's status as a volunteer has been revoked until further notice and all of the Mill Street Staff has been instructed to notify appropriate personnel if they see this volunteer on or near any of our campuses.

    Please know that in an effort to keep our campuses as safe as possible Orland Unified School District's volunteer screening process is more intensive than many neighboring districts. All of our staff volunteers undergo thorough background checks with fingerprint tracking through the Department of Justice prior to being granted the opportunity to serve as a volunteer.

    Please feel free to contact your school's principal or the OUSD district office if you'd like further information about campus safety, volunteers, etc.


    Jeff Scheele

    Assistant Superintendent

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